Friday, December 16, 2011

The EggieParty

Its Eggs Christmas party "slash" anniversary. yay! had our 2011 Christmas party at our second home, katip. you'll be wondering why we spent our Christmas party there. well we actually had so many awesome plans. but because of the "limited time given" (HAHA, SO THESIS-ish much) we landed to this kind of party. though its not a big deal because we still had fun and we ate a lot like we always used to do. we're very very matakaw.

Look,everyone were so happy during our exchange gift.

my Monita girl was Caryl. what I gave her is cuff from the bead shop. and look its like a friendship band. heehee! I gave her the blue "thinker" cuff cuz its sooo her. though my gift don't end with just a cuff I'll give her an additional gift next year :)

the dear ate Charo letter from my friend Tiu. loved the letter. aww :"> hahahaha what she wrote was very funny though but its a secret of course. hahaha!

I received a bodycon skirt from my friend Janina :"> awww I really love it! can't wait to wear this soon! haha I really wished for this one, I don't know why. I used to wear boyish outfits but now, I'm looking for more or can we say little girly stuffs. hahaha ok sabaw na ko. THANK YOU SO MUCH JANI! :*

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