Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Hello

 okay, so what's with the title? haha I actually don't know either. but I guess let me just share with you the enjoyment I had when I watched New Year's Eve yesterday with some of my eggs. I really love love the movie not just because of the star-studded casts but also because of the message. and let me quote one line from the movie.
"New Year is for giving second chances & hopes."
sooo true right? that's why *segway moment*  I'm happy having this new planner of mine. 
thank you so much Clone Stamp!  
the first time I saw the planner online, it made me thought of my vintage Petri Cam which has been given to me by my dad. though its not working anymore but I just want to keep them cuz I really love cameras! teehee! 

okaaaay. so there's this supah plain white at the first page so I'm deciding to customize this! flood it with super cute & memorable photos of different events/moments for 2012. and I'm sure I'll be successful cuz 2012 is my grad year! awesome!

So, want to have this cute planner? visit Clone Stamp and grab yours now! ;)

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