Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Way Back August

Since I'll visit Vigan again soon I would just like to share our Ilocos trip way back last August.

 I really consider this trip as one of my college highlights because;

1. first time to be far with my parents/home for almost one week
2. I spent my 20th Birthday with my friends, classmates, blockmates ONLY.

so this would be a heavy post let me say 'cuz I'll be sharing a lot of photos for this post. heehee. 

I really have the sweetest friends ever, they surprised Me and Kayla since we're August celebrants they secretly went to Robinsons Laoag I guess? and bought us this Chocolate Cake from Red Ribbon. we also called Shakeys for some pizza party. I feel really blessed :")

Aloha to Bangui!

Can't wait to say "Hello Vigan" again

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