Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Break

I'm so stressed this past few days [or shall I say months? haha]. so many things to accomplish on different subjs. sigh, graduating life. oh well I just always try to take things positively. :) I know I'll surpass all of the challenges and finish my college life with flying colors. anyway enough of that stuff like my blog title lets have a little break! to breath & relax!

How you liked my NO SWEAT big curls? I thank my Korean bun for this! OM! amazing right? what I need to do is just curl it up for about half an hour and voila! I can have a no sweat big curls. well I also thank my hair! madali siyang sumunod kahit anong gawin mo :))



  1. omg. Your hair <3

  2. such a lovely blog :)
    love your hair
    shall we follow each other?

    1. hello there :) thank you for appreciating my blog. sure. we can follow each other. god bless :)

  3. Love your hair in this post! You are cute! :)
    Do follow my blog if you like it!