Saturday, February 25, 2012

Georgies X Unofficially Yours X SaturDate

Lunch date/movie date/ window shopping with my super beloved Georgies!
We really really planned for a different bonding experience since what we really do when we want to bond is do a photo shoot. haha well this time its simple just plain having fun. all of us were really giddy to watch Unofficially Yours. haha the movie was sooo funny! worth it :)
I would also say that this is my official vacation! yes it is, finally done with all school stuffs. though, still unofficially unemployed citizen :))
so enough to talking talking talking and talking. here are my favorite shots for the day! 
 Lunch at Bigoli

Ending this Blog post with my favorite shot I took of my Friend Winella, who was really the one who's dying to watch Unofficially Yours :))

Happy Saturday! :)


  1. Seems like you had fun! Really nice blog by the way :)

  2. you look so pretty <3
    love the outfit too by the way