Saturday, September 08, 2012

Happiness Inside

Heeeyaaa! I know its been like ages since I updated my blogger account :( I've been active updating my IG and Tumblr huhu ok sorry :)) anywaaaaay! I know I'm not a famous blogger though so I don't owe anyone :)) but of course I still want to update my page so here I am doing what I should do :))

These past few weeks I've been really inspired and happy for some reasons. Just like I am feeling that I am more free and some unexplained reasons. haha kinda weird though. but yeap I know I'm weird and kind of crazy :))

So anyway here are some stuffs I did since I felt like so happy and inspired. teehee!

Did some DIY stuff. My favorite of all is my Denim button down! :")

I also cooked some katsudon for my littol browther. (well that littol thing is not literal because he's taller than me. hahaha its just that I am older than him! teehee!)

And to end this post is a raspberry macaroon! Happy Weekend and Happy Birthday Mama Mary!
God Bless Everyone!


  1. hi sis, can you do some tutorial on the DIY ombre shorts and shirt? :P

    (following you now via GFC ^^)

    1. Hi There! Sure I will, as soon as I've got another pants to rip off and I have fully made up my mind to do the ombre with my denim blazer :)) I will tag or notify you asap :D hihi thank you! I'll follow you back. :* God Bless!