Friday, December 02, 2011

Georgies X Costura by RAF X Rosey Chiq

YEY! after 2 years, Georgies are back! 
We love fashion and we love to pose. haha 
after 2 years and after a lot of planning on having a photo shoot again-FINALLY.
this shoot is a collaboration of Costura by RAF which owns by our georgie friend Rani and of Rosey Chiq which owns by another georgie friend Rose Anne. (yes we have business minded people in this group. that's why we love to have discounts from their products! yay!)
since I'm still not allowed to post the official photos, I'll just share the behind the scenes.

(We had the chance to meet Rani's Cousin-Gabe)
both of them were the photographers of the day

I like this shot by Gabe :) 

Rose Anne the owner of Rosey Chiq

(L-R: Winella, Rose Anne, Rani, Gabe)

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