Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Clever-ish Idea

Have you felt the feeling of like being sabaw/lutang or can we say blank? I feel very weird at this moment to the point that I want something like I don't know. HAHA ANG LABO. So I searched anything which is far from acads I and typed anything that comes on my mind and found this blog which gives me a lot of super cool & sweet ideas!
So from another blog. I find this idea waaay too cool, clever-ish and very practical. I'll try this very soon and blog about it. heehee! Oh how I love personalized stuffs, how about you?

visit ohcrafts site and be inspired too! 

Corner bookmark

We know it: from bus or train papers to used movie tickets... all is useful to mark the pages of the book we are reading right at the point where you have fallen asleep or stop.
But D-Sharp journal propose a distinctive and unusual solution: recycle the envelopes you don't use and cut their corners to give them a new one as a point of reading. You can write messages or draw whatever you want on them. Brilliant idea!
Corner bookmark

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