Thursday, February 09, 2012

All Black

An all black outfit [I can't remember when was this photo taken, ops! sorry!]
Okay, I just want to share my obsession with color black. I don't know why but I find black really elegant, sexy & awesome! but the weirdest thing here is that black is not my no. 1 fave color. haha! ITS BLUE! but when it comes to outfits and stuffs I always go for black. 

And maybe that's one of the common things that piggy and I share. we both love black. but hey I'm not an emo ok?  

black & white cuff from random store, black beads from pagudpod and pink on black watch 

I'm lovin' the sun!


  1. I really love black as well! there's a reason Coco Chanel said "Sexiest girls wear black"