Thursday, February 09, 2012

Waking Up For You

Say Hi to my morning hair, morning smile and morning puffy eyes -_-
I know my title is soooo chessy! but I can't think of a less chessy title. [boooo!]
Anyway, I just want to share my plus++ happiness right now, finally we're so close on finalizing our production thesis. my professors liked our avp+++++ [haha exaggerating to +++]

and now, I know I should take my breakfast and study for my Media Law oral exam tom. [talk to articles and ethics ._.]

Okay, so I think this is my first ever post showing off my braces -_- I just had my braces 3-4 months ago haha and I seldom smile showing them off 'cuz I feel so awkward but as of now I think I'm getting used of smiling showing my teeth again :))

Goodmorning! :)

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