Sunday, February 05, 2012

Good Vibes

 This is my much awaited spa date with my friend Caryl :) 
yay! at last, after so many months our planned nail spa date. this is just in time since we really need to take a day off from school works. 

anyway I also entitled this post as Good Vibes because I really feel so good from the moment I woke up. first time I guess that I woke up at around 6 in the morning and feeling so good on revising and checking our thesis [hope it'll went well!] then preapred for our spa date then heading to trinoma right after. weeeelll we find it kinda weird when our media law prof told us that we will be having our class at trinoma. imagine? having a class at the mall? hahaha. but before we had our class there, we rushed to the red ribbon to buy a surprise cake for our friends who just celebrated their birthdays and will be celebrating her birthday! so here's what happened for this GV day.

We tried SPA 101's tickle me fancy spa. 

oops. fat legs :)) I liked the hot stones underneath my feet. we both feel that we're princess :))

the accommodating Ate who took care of Caryl's foot spa & pedia and took care of my mani. 

its almost 2PM and we're both hungry. hungry to the point that Caryl told me "Mela, mukha ka ng pagkain sa mata ko!" hahaha fuuny!

I just love being with my friends :) even though we're majaray at times! 

I'm loving my new polished nails btw. I opted for something light at this time because I always paint 'em dark like black or dark blue. but at this point I think I also need a lighter theme or I don't know how would I express this feelings. hahaha. I just want to have a lighter feeling :)
Don't you love the color? its soooooooooooooo... YES! :))


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