Friday, February 03, 2012

Photo Diary

Random Things that I did this past few weeks/days :)

One of my final project for this semester is to do a service learning with any partner community of my school. so with the help of my group mates, we had indeed a successful service learning at daan tubo.

DQ Sandwich

The Japanese day. one of my favorite cuisines in life is Jap! yay! I don't know why but I reaaaaaalllly loooove jap foods to death! and I thank my Dad for treating the whole fam bam of Jap foods! 

1. Katsu curry rice at Rai Rai Ken for lunch
2.  Dinner at Sushi-ya

I really had a happy tummy!
anyway just to share everyone, this day will be my most awaited pamper day/date with my friend! yeey! I'll post pictures soon!

May we all have a good day ahead!
Hola Amiga! :))

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