Monday, April 02, 2012

Friends That Never Come Down

It was nice seeing and catching up once again with my 2 best friends. we've been best friends since high school and we can't even imagine that we're now the new unemployed citizens of the Philippines. HAHA, well except for Adry who's going to take her review lessons for her board exam. yay! Chin and I are proud of her! :)
anyway so what we just did is to talk, talk, and non stop of talking. haha really catching up it is! 
So we had our early dinner at flying pig and drinks from happy lemon. 

 this is not my first time trying happy lemon but this is the first time that I tried one of their famous flavor- the rock salt & cheese cocoa. well all I can say is, its not bad though but I think next time I should try other flavor because this just made my tummy roll like hell! haha. 
[c] Adrianne Carlos

[c] Floraine Carlos
it was so nice catching up with them again. even though I'm not that feeling well this day I still make it up to be with them and have fun with them. I just can't wait for the overnight! Yey!


  1. It looks like you had fun with your friends! I love the last photo! :)

    1. yep! I really did! ;) thank yooooou dear! :)