Monday, May 07, 2012

Singapore 2012

So yes this is a backlog! I've been really really lazy this past month to post something and to update this blog. but now, I'm really pushing myself to be a productive blogger! haha. I've been busy watching TV series and movies. yay!  

Anyway, our family had a trip last month [ok last month? how time flies so fast :| really! and I'm starting to miss SG because of this post. more like reminiscing eh?].

So this is for the first day of strolling let me say. haha. though we had a dinner party at Sentosa on our first night but since I was so distracted by those super yummy foods! ahaha and the chef even delivered sate to our table I failed to take some photos of that night.

I love it that our hotel is so near from the airport and from the Parkway mall. Although its a bit far from Orchard but I don't care I love how the place is very peaceful. haha joke! I mean Orchard is like the center place so yeah, you can get what I mean. hihi!

 The Japanese weekday market at Parkway Mall.
 Free taste for everyone!

While strolling around the Parkway mall, Mom's sandals got broke accidentally so we just bought some snacks from the market then headed back again to the hotel to change her sandals and take a bit rest. [see! that's why I love our hotel place. we just have to walk like 5 mins or less and we're back at the hotel.

 I'm a self confessed Wintermelon Milk Tea addict! yay!
 Mom and Me ready for some walkathons :))

Ended the night with Coldstone!

Watch out for more backlog posts :)

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