Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore

This is my most awaited day!  
The rain did not stopped me from having fun and riding the rides. haha it rained from morning 'til about 2-3PM I guess. but just like what I said to my family, "ok lang yan! minsan lang mababasa atleast masaya naman! wuhoo!" haha I'm just enjoying my life ok? and that is what we should do! just have fun!  

Arrived at the Sentosa Casino around 10AM haha! we spent the whole day at Universal Studios and watched the dream parade around 6:30PM.

I never regret waiting for this ride for about 30mins. haha. I love this!

I'm very much addicted to leather bracelets that is why when I first saw this while strolling around I never had a second thought of getting myself one! had it personalized. I just like it plain and simple, no buttons just like that! :)

Had the heavy lunch at around 3PM here at the transformers resto. 

 This is for me: Chicken with nori, prawns and the cold soba! yum!

 Waterworld has the best show ever! nice stunts, and pyro effects! 
My favorite of all the rides I had! REVENGE OF THE MUMMY! swear I'd ride this like again, again, again and again! 
 Look at my happy face after the ride! haha

I just took this photo randomly because I found this couple cute! the guy even looked at me and his face was like "woah?" haha sorry! I just have to take this cute and sweet shot. hihi!

Ended our USSG day with the Dream Parade.

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