Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Bun That Would Save A Day

I just bought a Korean Bun [80php] from my friend who's the owner of Rosey Chiq. I decided to bought this even though I can manage to do my self style bun because I find that this would help my hair to achieve a neater looking hair most especially if its a bad hair day for me and I find some hard times doing my self bun. so have a look! I can do different styles of bun with this piece but what I tried first was the side bun which looks so cute and neat.

even though I really have a natural wavy hair, this BUN surprised me when I removed, it gave me a cute curly hair! look at the next pic. 

sorry this is a poor pic. I'm not in a good mood to take pictures showing my face. heehee. 

next time I'll post a more decent photo with the curly hair I got from the BUN. heehee

which means, that with this one piece of Bun which only cost me for about 80 php. I can achieve different hairstyles that could save my day! cool right?

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